Pro bono lawyers New Hampshire especialize in providing legal services to persons and families of limited means and to charities and other non-profit organizations, which work on their behalf.

Although the economy is still struggling a variety of companies and organizations continue to provide free legal services that is available for the low and moderate income people who cannot afford the high price of legal counsel. The American Bar Association recommends that attorneys give 50 hrs of pro bono work per year.

Pro Bono Lawyers New Hampshire

Legal Advice & Referral Center, Inc. - 48 South Main Street Concord, NH 03301 Phone: (800) 639-5290

New Hampshire Pro Bono Referral Program - 2 Pillsbury Street Suite 300 Concord, NH 03301 Phone: (603)-224-6942 Fax: (603)-224-2910

Merrimack Valley AIDS Project, Inc - P.O Box 882 Concord, NH 03302 Phone: (603)-226-0607 Fax: (603)-226-9117

Provides drafting of wills,  powers of attorney, SSI/SSDI, family law, guardianship, issues involving civil rights, employment or medical discrimination, confidentiality issues, medical insurance, housing, landlord/tenant issues, debtor/creditor, elder law, and benefits issues for individuals and families who meet income-eligibility guidelines.

Please recognize that your attorney is a volunteer providing a valuable service free of charge. Because of this there may be several people already in front of you waiting for assistance. Legal aid organizations only handle civil legal matters. People looking for criminal defense should seek the help of the local Public Defenders office.

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