Credit cards are a convenient method of obtaining credit and when used properly they can provide flexibility and many useful benefits for the card holder.

Avoid using credit cards for cash advances. Usually the interest charges are higher for these and the charges begin immediately.

Compare between the best credit card services and credit card companies on the web according to the cards' benefits: Low Annual Fees, Air Miles, Cashback Deals, Free Travel Insurance, Medical and Legal Assistance, and 24-hour Customer Service.


Platinum Credit Cards
These are top of the line cards offering low or 0% introductory rates for a limited time and no annual fees, that require a good to excellent credit history for your application to be approved.

Low Interest Credit Cards
You pay a relatively low APR on balances, after an interest free period. (Most Platinum credit cards fall into this category.)

0 APR Credit Cards
Low interest cards that offer 0% APR for a special introductory period, usually for 1 year.

Travel Reward Credit Cards
Earn hotel points and airline miles with every dollar you spend using this credit card. Similar to other airline miles rewards programs, these cards reward you on any purchase you make on your credit card, anywhere.

Airline Credit Cards
Cards that offer airline mile rewards for dollars spent. Good for those who are regular travelers, traveling for business, have family in distant locations, or just want to go away on a well-deserved vacation.

Balance Transfer Cards
Choice for those who carry a balance on one or more high interest credit cards.) These cards offer one year introductory period during which you pay no interest, helping you get caught up with late payments.

Rewards Credit Cards
Cards that offer a number of incentives, such as points, rebates or cash back in order to attract and retain your business. Requires good to excellent credit ratings.

Contactless Credit Cards
Data is stored on a special chip embedded in the card's plastic, which is then transmitted from the chip to the credit card reader at the checkout counter via a radio wave using RFID (radio frequency identification).

Gas Credit Cards
These cards offer rebates or cash back on gas purchases, drug and grocery stores.

Instant Approval Credit Cards
These cards can be usually approved within minutes online. Although, good to excellent credit history is usually required for instant approval.

Business Credit Cards
Small business owners can take advantage of the benefits available in this type of card. Most require good credit rating, with only a few requiring an excellent credit rating.

Student Credit Cards
Cards are designed for college students who might not otherwise qualify due to lack of employment history. No previous credit history is necessary

Cash Back Credit Card Services
Cash back rewards of usually 5% on gas, groceries and drug store purchases, and 1% on other purchases.

Cards for Bad Credit
Also known as prepaid credit cards, these cards help people who are unable to qualify for credit by making a deposit.

No Credit Credit Cards
Created to help you establish a good credit history in order to be able to qualify for other credit cards in the future. Usually, after 3 months of using these cards you'll start receiving conventional credit card offers in the mail.

Prepaid Debit Cards
Cards for those who are having trouble getting approved for a conventional credit card and want to work on building or rebuilding the credit rating. No credit check required. Offers no added security.

Secured Credit Card Services
These type of cards are linked to a savings account, from which money may be automatically drawn if the cardholder fails to pay the bill. By depositing a minimum amount in the savings account almost anyone can be approved for this type of card.

Avoid getting caught in a debt trap when using credit cards.

Always pay any money owing before interest is due.

If you do carry a balance on your cards try to negotiate a lower rate with the credit card company or transfer the balance to a lower rate card.

Consider paying off your credit card immediately if you have money in a savings account. The interest you earn on the savings account is always lower than what is being charged by the credit card company.

If you need money urgently, try to negotiate a personal loan with your bank or credit union.


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