The Employee Warning Notice is also known as: Employee Warning Letter, Employee Written Warning, Employee Disciplinary Form, Employee Letter of Reprimand.

An Employee Written Warning Notice  is a document or letter written by an employer who is not satisfied with the conduct or series of misconducts of an employee informing such employee of a breach of company protocol, rules or policy that was broken.

This notice is also used to let the employee know what will be the consequences of their actions.

The employer must keep a copy of the warning letter for documentation purposes.

What basic information should generally be included in an Employee Warning Notice?

  • Employment details such as employee name, number, and title
  • Company information such as business name, manager's name, and the HR officer's name, when necessary
  • Description of the infraction the employee is being reprimanded for
  • The specifics and the circumstances about the policy or rule that was broken by the infraction
  • Information on whether a meeting is required
  • A section for employee comments
  • Provide instructions on what the employee will need to do in order to improve
  • A section for signing details for all parties
  • Information on when a follow-up assessment will be taking place

The most common reasons employers take disciplinary action and issue a written warning to an employee are:

  • Employee is constantly late for work
  • Employee is not meeting job requirements
  • Employee has missed days that have not been restored
  • Employee breached drug and alcohol policies 
  • Employee breached health and safety policies
  • Employee breached confidentiality policies
  • Employee has stolen from the business 
  • Employee has stolen from a co-worker
  • Employee has made threats to physically harm another employee
  • Employee has misled the employer about their qualifications


Name: __________________________ Years of service ____ 

Location: _____________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

Supervisor: _____________________________

Ref: Notice of disciplinary action - Written Reprimand

Date: ___/___/20___ 

Dear: ____________________ (Employee name)

First Written Warning

The reason for this warning is to inform you that your conduct has been unsatisfactory. The areas of dissatisfied behavior and/or conduct are as follows:



________________________________________________________ (Describe misconduct)

We have also decided that you will be: 


(Insert here reference to any actions taken in addition to the warning.)

We expect you to maintain the standards of conduct set out below:



The consequences if you do not change behavior will be:



By signing this form you confirm that you understand the content of this warning. Signing this form does not indicate that you necessarily agree with this warning.

________________________ Employee signature   ____/____/20___

________________________ Supervisor signature   ____/____/20___

________________________ Supervisor signature   ____/____/20___

________________________ Witness signature   ____/____/20___ (if employee refuses to sign)

A copy of this warning will be filled on the employee’s file.

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