Pro bono lawyers Montana especialize in providing legal services to persons and families of limited means and to charities and other non-profit organizations, which work on their behalf.

Clients who seek the help and assistance of legal aid services are people seeking protection from an abusive domestic situation, drafting of simple wills, power of attorney, health care programs, consumer complaints, family matters, bankruptcy, etc.

Not everyone who needs justice has access to the legal system due to poverty or low income. You can make your part by donating or lobbying your state representatives for a funding increase to pro bono programs.


Montana Children & Family Advocacy Program - 2442 First Avenue N. Billings, MT 59101 Phone: (406) 651'6442

Montana Legal Services Association - 616 Helena Avenue, Suite 100 Helena, MT 59601 Phone: (406)442'9830 Fax: (406)442'9817

Montana Legal Services Association - 201 West Granite Street Butte, MT 59701 Phone: (406)723'4612

ABA/FEMA Disaster Legal Assistance Program - ABA Young Lawyers Division - 100 W. Railroad St Suite 200 Missoula, MT 59802 Phone: (406)728'1694

Montana Legal Services Association - 304 North Higgins Avenue Missoula, MT 59802 Phone: (406)543'8343

The slow economy has contributed for a decreased in the number of pro bono services offered by the legal community. But a good number of non-profit organizations and attorneys willing to provide such services still can be found in most counties. The ABA recommends that lawyers give FIFTY hours of pro bono assistance a year.

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pro bono lawyers Montana
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