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Tempe Immigration lawyers provide effective legal counsel and representation to individuals, families and business to help avoid problems even before they arise.

People who have criminal records and/or have been previously deported are at higher risk of been targeted by ICE raids and should see a lawyer as soon as possible. If you are one of the 11.5 Million individuals living illegaly in the United States who have crossed the border without going through customs or have over-stayed your visa, you are facing the threat of incarceration and deportation. 

ISSUES RELATED TO IMMIGRATION LEGAL PRACTICE INCLUDE: obtaining or renewing visas or green cards, deportation and removal defense, married-based petitions, humanitarian relief for victims of domestic violence, asylum, citizenship applications, family immigration sponsorship, immigration discrimination claims, overstaying visas or violating the terms of their stay, labor certification, adjustment of status, nonimmigrant visas for professionals, visas for investors, foreign entertainers, athletes, and artists. 


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