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Springfield Immigration lawyers are dedicated to help you achieve your American dream providing legal defense on green card processing, US Visas, US citizenship, and avoiding deportation. 

People who have criminal records or have been previously deported are at high risk of been targeted by ICE raids and should seek the advice and assistance of an attorney as soon as possible. The immigration and naturalization services agency have doubled their efforts to find and catch immigrants who have crossed the borders illegally or over-stayed their U.S. visas. 

ISSUES RELATED TO IMMIGRATION LEGAL PRACTICE INCLUDE: preparing, obtaining or renewing visas and green cards, overstaying visas, deportation and removal defense, married-based applications, political asylum, family immigration sponsorship, visas for traders, athletes, investors, and foreign entertainers. 


Reed, Phillip, ATY 1129 S 7th St Springfield, IL 62703 (217) 528'7333

Donley Jackson E 2060 W Monroe St Ste F Springfield, IL 62704 (217) 801'5959

Jackson E. Donley Law Office 1297 Toronto Rd Ste C Springfield, IL 62712 (217) 801'5959

Vig Law, P.C. 1100 South 5th Street, #LL Springfield, IL (217) 241'5628

Harris Law Center 231 South 6th St Springfield, IL (217) 789'9794

Sara Vig 1100 S 5th St, #LL Springfield, IL (217) 241'5628

Jenkins Law Office 421 South Grand Avenue Springfield, IL (217) 544'2500

James A Pappas 915 South 2nd Street Springfield, IL (217) 525'1033

Mark Rabin, Attorney 1300 South 8th Street Springfield, IL (217) 544'4006

Ashley D Difilippo, Attorney 1307 South 7th Street Springfield, IL (217) 544'3403

Jon Gray Noll, Attorney 930 East Monroe Street Springfield, IL (217) 544'8441

Guy A Studach Attorney 5880 6th Street Frontage Springfield, IL (217) 529'4104

David Patrick Hall, Attorney 1118 South 6th Street Springfield, IL (217) 544'7370

Freeborn & Peters, LLP 217 East Monroe Street # 202 Springfield, IL (217) 535'1060

Blue, Randy E 1119 South 6th Street Springfield, IL (217) 789'1200

Sharp & Harmon Law Office 984 Clock Tower Drive # B Springfield, IL (217) 726'5822

Elmore & Reid 808 South 2nd Street Floor 1 Springfield, IL (217) 523'2340

Thomas R Billington Attorney Res 1400 West Lawrence Avenue Springfield, IL (217) 546'3223

Sever Storey, Attorney 920 South Spring Street Springfield, IL (217) 331'6341

Harrison & Held 2121 West White Oaks Drive East Springfield, IL (217) 546'7777

John P Leahy 1717 South Bates Avenue Springfield, IL (217) 726'6860

Bland, Michael J 1100 South 5th Street # 2 Springfield, IL (217) 525'0520

Thomas Mark Schmidt, Attorney 620 East Edwards Street Springfield, IL (217) 525'1070

Ostling & Associates 615 West Monroe Street Springfield, IL (217) 528'3030

Cavanagh | O'Hara, LLP 2319 West Jefferson St Springfield, IL (217) 544'1771

Mills Law Offices 206 South 6th Street Springfield, IL (217) 753'2444

Consumer Fraud Legal Services LLC 413 South 7th Street Springfield, IL (800) 568'0430

Linder, Kevin, Law Office 1300 South 8th Street Springfield, IL (217) 793'6477

Michael D Harmon Attorney 984 Clock Tower Drive # B Springfield, IL (217) 726'5822

Koepke And Healthy Brand 2341 West White Oaks Drive Springfield, IL (217) 726'8646

Sorling Northrup Hanna Cullen & Cochran Limited 1 North Old State Capitol Plaza Springfield, IL (309) 674'1144

Raymond J Cicci, Attorney 5013 Foxfire Court Springfield, IL (217) 787'9672

Cherry, Frazier, Sabin & Giganti, LLP 1 West Old State Capitol Plaza # 2 Springfield, IL (217) 753'4242

Pogge, Mary Ann Law Office 1001 South Durkin Drive Springfield, IL (217) 793'7412

Myers John, Attorney 1300 South 8th Street Springfield, IL (217) 544'5003

Feldman Wasser Draper & Cox 1307 South 7th Street # 2 Springfield, IL (217) 544'3403

Pc Hesse Martone, Attorney 1224 Center West Drive 200e Springfield, IL (217) 299'8116

Lori Hiltabrand, Attorney 2341 West White Oaks Drive Springfield, IL (217) 726'8646

Dorgan Mcpike & Association 216 Broadway Springfield, IL (217) 544'6500

Alex Rabin, Attorney 1119 South 6th Street Springfield, IL (217) 789'1200

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