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Qualified Pomona Immigration lawyers are committed to provide high-quality and affordable immigration legal services to businesses and individuals.

Major immigration raids aimed at picking up undocumented immigrants are likely to happen allowing many families and communities to be torn apart. If you are one of the Millions immigrants living illegaly in America you are constantly at risk of being incarcerated and deported by ICE raids or by simply being pulled over by the police. 

ISSUES RELATED TO IMMIGRATION LEGAL PRACTICE INCLUDE: deportation and removal defense, preparing, obtaining or renewing visas and green cards, overstaying visas, married-based applications, family immigration sponsorship, political asylum, visas for traders, investors, athletes, and foreign entertainers. 


Antonio J. Bestard, Attorney At Law 101 W Mission Blvd Ste 218b Pomona, CA 91766 (909) 623'2629

Richard Lemus Law Office 301 W Mission Blvd Pomona, CA 91766 (909) 623'4981

Zamora Services 942 E Holt Ave Pomona, CA 91767 (909) 620'6762

Ramirez Consulting Firm 988 E Holt Ave Pomona, CA 91767 (909) 623'8852

Immigration Service Center 142 E 3rd St Pomona, CA 91766 (909) 865'4777

Olga Espinosa 949 W Mission Blvd Pomona, CA 91766 (909) 236'9853

Immigration Secretarial Services 1350 N Garey Ave Pomona, CA 91767 (909) 629'1717

The Law Office of Danny Saleh 300 S Park Ave #812 Pomona, CA (909) 266'4807

Immigration Service Center 142 East 3rd Street Pomona, CA (213) 479'1311

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