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Independence Immigration lawyers are dedicated to help you achieve your American dream providing legal defense on green card processing, US Visas, US citizenship, and avoiding deportation. 

Major ICE raids aimed at picking up undocumented immigrants are likely to happen despite a flood of outrage by many US citizens. In the past few years the immigration and naturalization services agency have increasingly become tougher on illegal immigrants who have either their visas expired or have crossed the northern or souther US border.  

ISSUES RELATED TO IMMIGRATION LEGAL PRACTICE INCLUDE: preparing, obtaining or renewing visas and green cards, overstaying visas, deportation and removal defense, married-based applications, political asylum, family immigration sponsorship, visas for traders, athletes, investors, and foreign entertainers. 


Wagoner Maxcy Westbrook 3720 Arrowhead Ave Ste 102 Independence, MO 64057m (816) 756'1144

Ison Law Office, LLC 4230 S Phelps Rd Independence, MO 64055 (816) 559'7775

John Sommer Attorney at Law 4200 Little Blue Pkwy #680 Independence, MO (816) 795'7000

Jennifer Benedict Law Office 411 W Maple Ave, Suite C Independence, MO (816) 252'9400

Mark Forest Attorney At Law 212 West Lexington Avenue Independence, MO (816) 472'0082

Winston, Felix B 900 South Lake Drive Court Independence, MO (816) 833'1981

Garry Helm, Attorney 400 West Kansas Avenue Independence, MO (816) 461'1382

Carnes, John Attorney At Law 110 West Maple Avenue Independence, MO (816) 833'4200

Jacoby & Mullins LLC 201 North Spring Street Independence, MO (816) 836'9911

W K Jennings, Attorney 221 West Lexington Avenue Independence, MO (816) 833'4144

Paul R Davis Attorney 201 North Spring Street Independence, MO (816) 254'0444

Martinez Madrigal & Machicao, LLC 501 West Lexington Avenue Independence, MO (816) 415'9503

Terry, Jack C Law Offices 614 East Bellevista Drive Independence, MO (816) 252'5969

Stilley Law Office LLC 19401 East Us Highway 40 # 150 Independence, MO (816) 291'4614

Cynthia R Lindeman, Attorney 114 South Main Street # 105 Independence, MO (816) 373'5518

Foxx Law, LLC 501 West Lexington Avenue Independence, MO (816) 599'0424

R Scott Richart, Attorney 311 West Kansas Avenue Independence, MO (816) 836'8000

Michael C Mcintosh Attorney 14701 East 42nd Street South Independence, MO (816) 373'5590

Raymond E Moore Pc, Attorney 1000 East Us Highway 24 Independence, MO (816) 373'3003

Samuel J Buccero, Attorney 14801 East 42nd Street South Independence, MO (816) 842'6228

Richard J Koury Ii, Attorney 315 West Kansas Avenue Independence, MO (816) 836'4500

Kuny, Martin Law Offices Of 114 South Main Street # 100 Independence, MO (816) 254'0535

Judith L Berry, Attorney 224 West Maple Avenue Independence, MO (816) 836'3900

Sharlie Pender, Attorney 10510 East 23rd Street South Independence, MO (816) 254'3395

Spring St Law Offices 201 North Spring Street Independence, MO (816) 836'9911

Cordell & Cordell, P C 4200 Little Blue Parkway # 550 Independence, MO (816) 842'2400

Jeffrey L Burnham, Attorney 400 West Kansas Avenue Independence, MO (816) 461'1382

Nancy L Jackson Attorney 221 W. Lexington, Suite 103 Independence, MO (816) 373'2551

Wallis Michael D, Attorney 4200 Little Blue Parkway 630 Independence, MO (816) 421'5301

Horn Law Firm, P.C. 19049 E Valley View Pkwy Suite J Independence, MO (816) 795'7500

Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, P.C. 221 West Lexington Avenue Independence, MO (816) 398'7435

Kathy Robinson Law & Conflict 3937 South Osage Street Independence, MO (816) 252'8000

Stansell Walter, Attorney 19049 East Valley View Parkway B Independence, MO (816) 795'0800

Thomas R Bellmann Attorney 311 W Kansas Avenue Independence, MO (816) 285'4540

Martin Leigh Laws & Fritzlen 201 South Main Street Independence, MO (816) 833'7463

Richard P Scaletty, Attorney 233 West Walnut Street Independence, MO (816) 833'1222

Wickham Fred, Attorney 4317 South River Boulevard A Independence, MO (816) 753'8751

Gabriele Law Firm, LLC 221 W. Lexington Avenue, Suite 103 Independence, MO (816) 352'8510

Anthony M Totta Attorney 19049 E Valley View Parkway Independence, MO (816) 252'2332

Allinder John K, Attorney 3808 South Marion Court Independence, MO (816) 252'0207

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