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Huntsville Immigration lawyers work hard to ensure the clients’ cases are brought to the best outcome possible, and strive to give them peace of mind during the whole process.

Major ICE raids aimed at picking up undocumented immigrants are likely to happen despite a flood of outrage by many US citizens. In the past few years the immigration and naturalization services agency have increasingly become tougher on illegal immigrants who have either their visas expired or have crossed the northern or souther US border.  

TYPES OF CASES HANDLE BY THE IMMIGRATION PRACTICE: Green cards, Visa applications, Deportation defense, Trader and Investor visas, Political asylum, Immigration appeals, Family-based immigration, Employer compliance, Deferred action & DACA, Visas for crime victims, Violence Against Women Act.


Joseph M Cloud PC, Attorney at Law 200 Clinton Avenue, West Huntsville, AL (256) 534'0545

Morris, King & Hodge, P.C. 200 Pratt Avenue NE Huntsville, AL (256) 536'0588

Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. 200 Clinton Ave Huntsville, AL (256) 539'0414

Wilmer & Lee, PA 100 Washington Street NE # 200 Huntsville, AL (256) 533'0202

Wettermark Keith 201 Eastside Square, Suite 7 Huntsville, AL (256) 536'8010

Bill G Hall Attorney 2101 Clinton Avenue West Suite 502 Huntsville, AL (256) 319'0590

Hodges Trial Lawyers, P C 320 Clinton Avenue East Huntsville, AL (256) 233'0004

Hodges Trial Lawyers Pc 200 Westside Square 309 Huntsville, AL (256) 539'3110

Brown III Robert S, Attorney 917 Merchants Walk Sw B Huntsville, AL (256) 551'0670

Phillip A Gibson LLC, Attorney 200 Russell Street Ne Huntsville, AL (256) 262'8662

Mc Daniel & Mc Daniel 223 Eastside Square Huntsville, AL (256) 534'3018

Jerome Gabig, Attorney 305 Church Street Sw Huntsville, AL (256) 518'3625

Roy Wesley Miller, Attorney 221 Eastside Square # 3b Huntsville, AL (256) 533'4004

Clem, Robin C Attorney At Law 201 Eastside Square # 3 Huntsville, AL (256) 539'4441

June Wang Attorney 200 Clinton Avenue West # 608 Huntsville, AL (256) 534'7788

Kelly, Josh O Iii Attorney 2206 Clinton Avenue West # B Huntsville, AL (256) 536'1688

Mitchell, Howie S Attorney At Law 107 Northside Square Huntsville, AL (256) 533'9696

Morris, C Wayne Attorney At Law 2206 Clinton Avenue West # A Huntsville, AL (256) 539'7793

Dwight Washington, Attorney 1876 Shellbrook Drive Nw Huntsville, AL (256) 430'3192

John Harrison Wyly, Attorney 108 Southside Square # A Huntsville, AL(256) 534'8485

Alexander Shunnarah Attorney 221 Longwood Drive Sw Huntsville, AL (256) 536'8373

Cap And Gown Project 115 Northside Square Huntsville, AL (256) 327'5514

J C Pendergrass, Attorney 2101 Clinton Avenue West 102 Huntsville, AL (256) 535'1100

Mckannan, Reta Attorney At Law 200 Westside Square # 58 Huntsville, AL (256) 534'3569

Shipman, Robert M 220 Walker Avenue Ne Huntsville, AL (256) 533'4595

Cliff Hill Inc, Attorney 929 Merchants Walk Sw Huntsville, AL (256) 534'4502

Gordon, Duane F Attorney At Law 1330 Washington Street Nw Huntsville, AL (256) 535'9639

Brent E Hieronymi, Attorney 3600 Triana Boulevard Sw Huntsville, AL (256) 539'6776

Kenan Timberlake, Attorney 106 Southside Square # A Huntsville, AL (256) 539'3496

Siniard Timberlake League, Attorney 125 Holmes Avenue Nw Huntsville, AL (256) 536'0770

Adams & Walker, Attorneys At Law Pc 604 Madison Street Se # A Huntsville, AL (256) 536'0507

James M Chandler Iii, Attorney 428 Echols Avenue Se Huntsville, AL (256) 539'2960

Nickolas R Heatherly Attorney At Law 223 Eastside Square Huntsville, AL (256) 534'5049

Warren & Simpson 105 Northside Square Huntsville, AL (256) 539'7575

J R Brooks, Attorney 1306 Sierra Boulevard Se Huntsville, AL (256) 533'9893

Humprey Karen D White, Attorney 101 Northside Square Huntsville, AL (256) 536'0004

Michael Tewalt Attorney 100 Jefferson Street South Huntsville, AL (256) 288'3044

Law Office Wlliam P Burgess Jr 655 Gallatin Street Sw # 100 Huntsville, AL (256) 536'6011

Stephens Julian Iii Attorney Res 438 Newman Avenue Se Huntsville, AL (256) 237'3718

John Mark Mcdaniel, Attorney 445 Mcclung Avenue Se Huntsville, AL (256) 534'7146

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