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Knowledgeable Augusta Immigration lawyers have the experienced to ensure that your case is handled professionally and is resolved in the best way possible. 

People who have criminal records and/or have been previously deported are at higher risk of been targeted by ICE raids and should see a lawyer as soon as possible. If you are one of the 11.5 Million individuals living illegaly in the United States who have crossed the border without going through customs or have over-stayed your visa, you are facing the threat of incarceration and deportation. 

ISSUES RELATED TO IMMIGRATION LEGAL PRACTICE INCLUDE: obtaining or renewing visas or green cards, deportation and removal defense, married-based petitions, humanitarian relief for victims of domestic violence, asylum, citizenship applications, family immigration sponsorship, immigration discrimination claims, overstaying visas or violating the terms of their stay, labor certification, adjustment of status, nonimmigrant visas for professionals, visas for investors, foreign entertainers, athletes, and artists. 


Balducci Law Offices of Paul V 1450 Greene St Augusta, GA 30901 (706) 722'5100

Ken Buffington Attorney at Law 4434 Columbia Rd Augusta, GA 30907 (706) 210'1530

Pak Ronald J 3241 Deans Bridge Rd Augusta, GA 30906 (706) 798'5529

Tierrade Inmigrante Servin 2324 Fieldcrest Rd Augusta, GA 30906 (706) 993'3615

Ronald J Pak PC 3239 Deans Bridge Road Augusta, GA (706) 798'5529

Harman Law Firm 3540 Wheeler Rd. # 603 Augusta, GA (706) 250'1960

Hawk Law Group 338 Telfair Street Augusta, GA (706) 722'3500

Frails & Wilson, LLC 211 Pleasant Home Road, Suite A1 Augusta, GA (706) 478'1726

Boudreaux Law Firm 493 Furys Ferry Rd Augusta, GA (706) 869'1334

Lawyers Abstract Company, Inc 2941 Pointe West Drive Augusta, GA (706) 737'2089

Paul V Balducci Attorney 1450 Greene Street # 105 Augusta, GA (706) 722'5100

Ken Buffington Attorney 4434 Columbia Road Augusta, GA (706) 210'1530

Findlay & Edenfield, LLC 1030 Jimmie Dyess Parkway # 1 Augusta, GA (706) 855'7085

Boone, Jack E Jr Attorney At Law 2301 Dearborn Street Augusta, GA (706) 814'7753

John Harper Pc, Attorney 5 George C Wilson Court B Augusta, GA (706) 650'1257

Lee W Prather Pc, Attorney 3540 Wheeler Road # 514 Augusta, GA (706) 737'2664

Law Offices Of D Wright Mcleod, P C 3633 Wheeler Road Augusta, GA (706) 210'8040

Hudson Beddingfield LLC, Attorney 3683 Wheeler Road Augusta, GA (706) 651'9955

C Thomas Huggins Attorney 2819 Peachtree Place Augusta, GA (706) 736'4071

Hugh Haynes Jr, Attorney 5 Conifer Square Augusta, GA (706) 736'8399

James C Overstreet, Attorney 7 George C Wilson Court Augusta, GA (706) 863'2255

Hunter Robert W Iii Attorney Res 2915 Bransford Road Augusta, GA (706) 736'7089

Jolles Inc Harrison, Attorney 2812 Hillcreek Drive # A Augusta, GA (706) 737'0266

P C Stephen H Brown, Attorney 1206 George C Wilson Drive Augusta, GA (706) 993'1273

Mcelreath Benjamin F P C /Atty, Attorney 51 Conifer Circle Augusta, GA (706) 736'5466

J Patrick Claiborne Pc, Attorney 3527 Wheeler Road 403 Augusta, GA (706) 722'8224

Benjamin F Mcelreath Pc, Attorney 3540 Wheeler Road # 309 Augusta, GA (706) 738'9724

Trotter Jones 3527 Walton Way Extension Augusta, GA (706) 737'3138

Rowell, Charles W Iv Attorney At Law 3602 Wheeler Road Augusta, GA (706) 650'8872

Attorney At Law 10 Indian Cove Road Augusta, GA (706) 736'1950

Jolles, Nathan M 2812 Hillcreek Drive # A Augusta, GA (706) 737'0266

Alvin King 2456 Windsor Spring Road Augusta, GA (706) 432'6543

Mullins Law Firm 1436 Glenn Avenue Augusta, GA (706) 724'1357

Smith And Smiths Attorneys 3540 Wheeler Road # 611 Augusta, GA (706) 481'8211

Klosinski Overstreet, Attorney 1229 Augusta West Parkway Augusta, GA (706) 863'2255

Burnside Thomas Reuben Jr Attorney Res 1215 Peachtree Road Augusta, GA (706) 738'4432

Cynthia Mcdowell LLC, Attorney 3540 Wheeler Road # 413 Augusta, GA (706) 945'0933

John P Batson, Attorney 1104 Milledge Road Augusta, GA (706) 737'4040

J Larry Broyles Attorney 3204 Montpelier Drive Augusta, GA (706) 738'5058

Law Offices Of Nathan M Jolles, Pc 2812 Hillcreek Drive Augusta, GA (706) 737'0266

Brendan Fleming LLC, Attorney 2362 Washington Road Augusta, GA (706) 849'9999

John B Long Attorney Res 2242 Pickens Road Augusta, GA (706) 736'0392

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