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Ann Arbor Immigration lawyers are dedicated to help you achieve your American dream providing legal defense on green card processing, US Visas, US citizenship, and avoiding deportation. 

People who have criminal records or have been previously deported are at high risk of been targeted by ICE raids and should seek the advice and assistance of an attorney as soon as possible. The immigration and naturalization services agency have doubled their efforts to find and catch immigrants who have crossed the borders illegally or over-stayed their U.S. visas. 

THE IMMIGRATION PRACTICE CONSISTS IN HANDLING MATTERS SUCH AS: Green cards, Deportation defense, Trader and Investor visas, Visa applications, Political asylum, Immigration appeals, Deferred action & DACA, Employer compliance, Visas for crime victims, Violence Against Women Act, Family-based immigration.


Law Office of Michael Carlin PLLC 2340 E. Stadium Blvd. Ann Arbor, MI (734) 369'3131

Deniz Marie Baser, Attorney at Law, PLLC 211 N Fourth Avenue, Suite 2A Ann Arbor, MI (734) 222'0275

Marrs & Terry, PLLC 6553 Jackson Road Ann Arbor, MI (734) 418'0365

Nacht & Assoc 101 N Main Street # 555 Ann Arbor, MI (734) 663'7550

The TGQ Law Firm 2245 South State Street Ann Arbor, MI (734) 707'3232

Ann Arbor Dog Bite Lawyers 2452 E. Stadium Blvd, Suite 301 Ann Arbor, MI (734) 418'2728

Aldrich Legal Services Plymouth 276 South Union Street Plymouth, MI (734) 404'3000

Dahai Tao Pc, Attorney 24 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive Ann Arbor, MI (734) 930'7300

Douglas G Mcclure, Attorney 350 South Main Street # 400 Ann Arbor, MI (734) 997'2159

Marrs & Terry Pllc 6553 Jackson Road Ann Arbor, MI (734) 663'0555

Jennifer L Brant, Attorney 407 North Main Street # 200 Ann Arbor, MI (734) 663'4077

Christian Juanita Logan, Attorney 3511 Lakeview Place Ann Arbor, MI (734) 665'6656

Daniel W Troyka, Attorney 350 South Main Street # 400 Ann Arbor, MI (734) 997'2153

Ann M Nicklas Pllc, Attorney 2086 Mershon Drive Ann Arbor, MI (734) 761'6161

Herdt Law, PLLC 2723 S. State St. Ann Arbor, MI (734) 961'4699

Goethel Engelhardt Pllc, Attorney 3049 Miller Road Ann Arbor, MI (734) 369'6838

Karen E Lindenberg Arbitratio 4641 Mulberry Woods Circle Ann Arbor, MI (734) 678'8383

Gregory L Curtner, Attorney 101 North Main Street # 700 Ann Arbor, MI (734) 668'7697

Walter B Ranney Pc, Attorney 538 North Division Street Ann Arbor, MI (734) 878'9991

John F Brent Pllc, Attorney 1901 Pauline Boulevard # 3 Ann Arbor, MI (734) 761'5222

Blaske & Blaske, P.L.C. 500 South Main Street Ann Arbor, MI (734) 747'7055

Sharon M Kelly, Attorney 213 South Ashley Street # 400 Ann Arbor, MI (734) 213'8000

Neil J Juliar, Attorney 350 South Main Street Ann Arbor, MI (734) 997'2158

Cramer, Minock & Sweeney, P L C 339 East Liberty Street # 200 Ann Arbor, MI (734) 668'2200

Joseph H. Spiegel PLLC 825 Victors Way, Ste. 300 Ann Arbor, MI (734) 761'8475

Joseph W Phillips, Attorney 350 South Main Street Ann Arbor, MI (734) 997'2164

David S Klingenberger, Attorney 4175 Whitmore Lake Road Ann Arbor, MI (734) 780'7140

Charity A Olson P C, Attorney 2723 South State Street # 150 Ann Arbor, MI (248) 356'4400

Hiller & Barnett 2008 Hogback Road # 1 Ann Arbor, MI (734) 971'1540

Mark D Evans Pc Attorney 2010 Pebbleview Drive Ann Arbor, MI (734) 944'2300

David H Raaflaub, Attorney 400 West Washington Street Ann Arbor, MI (734) 668'0900

Lawrence M Lanphear Iii 117 North 1st Street # 111 Ann Arbor, MI (734) 747'8100

David J Hutchinson Attorney 106 N 4th Avenue Ann Arbor, MI (734) 930'9000

Basil A Baker Attorney Baker, Stringer & Garwood, LLP Ann Arbor, MI (734) 663'8111

Gerard J Matuszak, Attorney 455 East Eisenhower Parkways 40 Ann Arbor, MI (734) 761'5515

Veronique Lerner Liem 106 North 4th Avenue Ann Arbor, MI (734) 213'8000

LLC Joshi I, Attorney 2400 South Huron Parkway Ann Arbor, MI (734) 277'0953

Bishop L Ray, Attorney 709 West Huron Street # 100 Ann Arbor, MI (734) 668'1600

Michael J Barnhart Attorney 221 North Main Street # 300 Ann Arbor, MI (734) 213'3703

Whitker & Benz Pc 2850 Sunrise Ridge Ann Arbor, MI (734) 662'1293

Muth Law, PC 4158 Washtenaw Avenue Ann Arbor, MI (734) 481'8800

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